NOBODY will assume the liability of where to drill for free. Drillers can offer reduced rates for test holes but still rely on trial and error. If a dowser or witcher locates your water, they charge you before drilling begins. SURVEY4WATER does too, but we rely on Very Low Frequency (VLF) Sonar rather than a feeling. Seismic Sounding and Resistivity Systems also rely on science, but due to high setup costs and low area yields per sample, cost many thousands of dollars to scan a small portion of the property. Science versus spirits.

SURVEY4WATER is a California based LLC founded by horticulturist Noah Churma. Over a period of years, Noah has successfully been able to develop techniques to utilize an ultra-precise, Swiss made Wadi SONAR device. The Wadi device uses VLF Sonar to locate underground water. The device reads 10Khz to 30Khz radio waves from VLF transmitters currently operating around the globe to support communication systems. This is the same radio frequency band utilized by the armed forces to communicate with submerged submarines, and consequently lends itself to geophysical applications as well. Assisted by the latest in VLF analysis software, Noah has mastered the art of interpreting the 3D color graphical output. This output yields the density levels of the underground rock, soil, and cavities, as well as their depth. Utilizing this ultra-precise Swiss made Sonar device and the latest in VLF analysis software, Noah Churma mastered the art of interpreting the 3D color graphical output.

SURVEY4WATER offers a proven scientific system for locating water. Our state of the art computerized geophysical survey equipment is used to survey a parcel of land for potential ground water sources. With this equipment we are able to see the geological structures beneath the surface. In rocky areas on the property, the only locations that will contain enough water for a well are the fractures. We can identify the shape, size, and density of the fractures that travel through the property. This process alleviates the guess work involved in locating ground water and saves money for the property owner by eliminating dry wells and subsequent re-drills. There is no guess work involved. SURVEY4WATER knows where the water is, and equally important, where the water is not.

SURVEY4WATER surveys are the most effective in the industry. Many other systems are very time consuming and labor intensive. We can cover more property area with more detailed data than any other company. Some companies use the EKS Electro Seismic System. These companies charge per sounding, not by time or area surveyed. This is a very expensive approach. Resistivity Systems also require a lot of set-up time and labor so they also have a high price for the amount of area covered. Our method gets the best result for the best price. Nobody but SURVEY4WATER will contiguously survey up to 10 acres of property for $3,100.

SURVEY4WATER bases our price structure on the property that can be surveyed. Some terrain might be difficult for us to survey and will be even more difficult for the drilling company to access with their equipment. For larger properties we offer an exploratory survey. This allows us to cover more ground but we will sacrifice some of the detail that we would get on a standard ground water survey. This is a cost effective way to find water on larger acreages. Many properties do not require a survey of the entire parcel. Please let us know if your property is cross fenced or has electrical power lines on or near the property. There may be additional travel and lodging charges depending on your location. Please contact our office so we can discuss your needs and give you some cost effective options. Our clients include homeowners; land owners; developers; REALTORS® and property owners; farmers and ranchers; utility companies; engineering firms; investors and well drillers. Proudly serving all of California. National Ground Water Association member.